Sequel to Raising Dragons
By Madeline

Once upon a time there was a big rainstorm in the town of Huckleberry Rose. But instead of raining rain it was raining eggs! Not just any kind of egg…dragon eggs! Everyone started running in terror. They acted like the eggs were exploding bombs. At least most of the people…. Only one little girl was sitting in her room watching from her window. All of a sudden it stopped. The little girl ran down the steps and out the front door. It sounded like it was going to down pour again but really it was the eggs. Out came about 200 dragons on the farm. So the little girl decided to keep the dragons in a special place. For the past years, no one has ever discovered the dragons, but the little girl knows they are there.

The end!

You did a good job and you told me 3 facts about wolves! ~ Kevin
You did a great job about telling us so many facts we didn't know. ~Breanna
Nice job. ~Austin
You did a nice job not laughing. Kevin...again

Lost in the dark

Can non-fiction books be fun to read? Well, if you read Lost in the dark, it is not a boring biology book. The non-fiction story is about a boy who gets lost in the woods from his hiking club troupe. Instead of waiting, he decides to go off farther and look for everyone else. Further and further Brad went in the woods until he was completely lost. Will Brad be rescued? Or will his senses come to him that no one will ever come back for him? Creep back with Sharon Hill, Lost in the Dark!