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After the completion of this lesson student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate their knowledge of butterflies through various interactions.
2. Identify the 4 stages of a butterfly’s life cycle.

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LeTs GeT StArTeD!

Click on the site below to create your own KWL flip book:
KWL Book

Please set the pages up as the following:
Page 1: This may be your title page. Please create it as you would like!
Page 2: This page should be titled: “What I know about caterpillars and butterflies”
Page 3: This page should be titled: “What I want to know about caterpillars and butterflies”
Once you have titled your pages you may go back and fill out page #2. You will then watch the short video below and then complete page #3. Page 4 will be completed at the end of the lesson.

Want to know more??? Watch this fun video about caterpillars and butterflies!

Now go back to your flipbook and fill out page #3. You have briefly seen a little bit about butterflies and the life cycle they go through. Hopefully this sparked your curiosity to learn more! Please tell me about what you want to learn more about.

You are now a butterfly farmer! It is your job to help a caterpillar successfully grow into a butterfly. You must print off this book and put it in the correct order. You are in charge of your farm. You choose the type of caterpillar that you wish. You may be creative when drawing!
Use this site to print off this book that describes the life cycle of a butterfly

Butterfly Booklet

Please use the discussion board tab on this site to help explain to us all about your butterfly farm. Describe to us the pictures that you drew in your book. You may also recreate your book in Paint and add a link for us to see your drawing.

Now that you have raised your caterpillar, you may visit Rosa on her father’s butterfly farm in Costa Rica!

For the older learners: Now tell me something you learned from this site. What things help butterflies live in a successful place and what things hinder their environment? You may research this if you would like and then provide with me a discussion in the discussion tab as to what you learned.

Create your own flyer or brochure for your butterfly farm.

You may use Paint to create a brochure that attracts people to your farm. Please include what type of caterpillar you are working with, a little information on their butterfly (include the life cycle!), and any other information that you feel is important. You may work with one other student on this.

Extra, Extra! If you have time you may complete any of the following:

Now, with a partner or on your own, record a brief advertisement for your farm using the audio recorder on your computer.

Here are a few cute songs and poems to help learn about caterpillars and butterflies

To the tune of the Adams Family:
My tummy is fat (snap, snap)
I like it like that (snap, snap)
I wiggle around
I jiggle around
My tummy is fat (Snap, snap)

I’m a hairy caterpillar
I’m such a chubby feller
I love to eat and eat
Those leaves are such a treat!
~Author Uknown

Use discussion board to create a second verse for this song!

Five Fuzzy Caterpillars:
Five fuzzy caterpillars on a spring day
Five fuzzy caterpillars crawl and play
Five fuzzy caterpillars eat and eat some more
Five fuzzy caterpillars we can see no more
Each in a chrysalis they will stay, until they are butterflies and fly away.
~Author Uknown

Taken from :

You have learned a little bit about sequencing. Sequencing is the proper order that things go in. In the discussion board of this tab create a sequence of your own. This way you can demonstrate your knowledge on sequencing. Ex) making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. First you need the bread, next….and so on.