Navigating the Google Suite Intro

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*Picture used with creative commons licensing.

Warm Up: Find Kermit the Frog:
At what school did Kermit the Frog provide a commencement address? What did he say?
What is the endangered tree octopus?

Part 1 (30 min.): Why do we need Google?

*Slides used and remixed with permission!

Part 2 (30 min): Google Apps Introduction, Search, and Scavenger Hunt

Dan Russell's Presentation on Search (used with permission):
Search Curriculum:

Part 3 (20 min): Create A Google Account

Part 4 (15 min): Google Article and Response

Part 5 (40 min): Google Docs and Forms
  • How to collaborate on word documents and powerpoint presentations
  • How to create a presentation and publish it on the web
  • How to create a form and use the results

Part 6 (15 min): Break

Part 7 (30 min): Other Google Services

Part 8 (30 min): Goal Setting and Sharing

Extracurriculars: Other Google Resources

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