Building a Professional Learning Network

Part 1: What is a Professional Learning Network?

Articles PLN vs. PLC:
Response: List the three most important words from each article on the wallwisher:

Part 2: Why do we need it?
Teachers are Disheartened:
Teachers Believe that Funding Holds Them Back: Scott McLeod
Bill Gates- Teachers Need to Collaborate:
Jonathan Driori- We think we know everything! But we don't!:

Part 3: How do we do it?
RSS Feeds: Google Reader
Communicating and Collaborating: Twitter
Responding and Sharing Your Learning: Blogger
Building a PLN Glog
PLN Resources

Part 4: Explore and Blog Comment HERE (awesome!)
Google Reader Resources
100 Best Blogs to Read for Educators
Kristen's Google Reader Share Page
Google Reader "How To Video"
RSS: What is it?

Twitter Resources
We Follow
Twitter Help for Educators
Teachers to Follow on Twitter
More Teachers to Follow on Twitter
Is Twitter a Fad?
What Teachers are Saying About Twitter
Analyze your Tweets
Twitter and Education in the News
Twitter: The Stupidest Thing You Ever Heard Of... That You Might Find Useful
Twitter Kit Video
Twitter "How To Video"

Blogging Resources
Resources to Try and Share
Blogs "How To Video"

Part 5: Closure & Building Your Digital Footprint


Scott McLeod's Learning and Change Photo Stream