Teacher Binoy John

Subject: Economics

Topic: Sectors of the Indian Economy

Learning object collection


This lesson gives a clear understanding of the three sectors of the Indian economy

Students are able to differentiate each sector

Students identify the importance of each sector in the Indian economy

Students obtain sufficient information from each sector with examples as shown in the video


The below graphic shows the interconnection of each sector of the Indian economy. The explanation are given based on the activities in each sector. This visual treat is widened for the students with visual impairment.


(Source: Images)

step 2

Each sector of the economy is pictured for the students comprehension and clear idea.

111350344.pngindustries.jpgservice sectors india.jpg

(source: Images)

step 3

The students watch the following video to know the function of each sector and how each sector is connected to each other.

(source: YouTube)

step 4

The slide share below gives enough opportunity for the students with disabilities to pace the learning objects and comprehend the main points.

slide share for the students with learning disabilities

(source: Slide share)

step 5

The following slides will give sufficient information on share of each sector in employment and GDP. This graphic with different colors is an easy access for the students with learning disabilities.

(Source: Images)

step 6

The below YouTube video is a good animation program to simplify the three sectors of the economy for the students with disabilities. This video presentation accommodates those students with disabilities.

(source: YouTube)

The students can practice for sometime in Quiz Let. students with hearing and visual impairment can also follow the Quiz let.

(source: Quiz Let)

The students take practice for the class test. All the best!

(source: Quiz let)