Criterion Writing by ETS

The Criterion service is a web-based instructional tool that helps students in grades 4
through upper-level college plan, write and revise essays. Students work independently to
plan and write their essays, and then submit them for feedback. The Criterion service
provides immediate annotated diagnostic feedback on multiple basic elements of writing
and a holistic score so that students can quickly review the feedback, revise their essays
and resubmit them for further feedback. A context-sensitive Writer’s Handbook provides
additional definitions and lessons on grammar, word usage, mechanics, writing style and
essay organization and development.

Instructor involvement is integral to the successful use of the Criterion service.
Instructors select from a library of topics or create their own, and set the parameters for
the assignment. For example, they can elect to activate a time limit, give options for
students to save and revise essays, and determine whether students can see sample essays,
scores or diagnostic functions. Instructors can also review students’ essays and the
Criterion feedback, provide their own comments using pop-up notes, and generate
reports about their students’ writing progress.

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